Dam and Sire

Our second litter was born on April 25th, 1994, out of Ch. Strela Sokolow by Bystry Perskoje (half brother/half sister mating):

5 boys: Kawkas, Koldun, Kidai, Krylat, Kumir
4 girls: Kaissara, Koldunja, Krasnaja, Krilatka

Bystry Perskoje

Strela Sokolow

more pictures of Strela
Pedigree of k-litter (pdf-file 11,9 KB)
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Their progeny

Kawkas Sokolow

The mahagony brindle Kawkas is a very tall and strong male, but still elegant. He has, like all dogs of this litter, full dentition.

   Koldun reminds very much to his sire Bystry in type and colour. He has a very beautiful head with very dark eyes, like all dogs of the K-litter.

Kidai Sokolow
Krylat Sokolow
Kidai joined Sawladka as a companion and is similar to Kawkas, but has a more elegant head. He is a very tall and imposing Borzoi.

   The anatomically excellent Krylat is not only beautiful, but also very fast and has the racing licence. He is shown with much success in the utility class.

Kumir Sokolow
Kaissara Sokolow
Kumir stayed with us and completed the titles of an international and Swiss Champion at the age of 4 ½ years. We hope that he will sire the next generation of our Sokolow Borzois.

more pictures of Kumir
   The lovely Kaissara has won the title of a youth winner two times. She is very similar to her brother Krylat.

Koldunja Sokolow
Krasnaja Sokolow
Koldunja reminds strongly to Apollo in Type and expression. She is living very private and sometimes works as a «babysitter».

   The elegant Krasnaja is the image of her sire Bystry and has inherited his beautiful, long and narrow head.

Krilatka Sokolow
KriKri joined Slodeika as a companion and has become a very special Borzoi lady with her own mind.

more pictures of K-litter

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