The parents

Our fourth litter was born on March 18, 2008, out of our American import Ch. MAJENKIR MERCURIA (Ch. Majenkir Nearctic - Ch. Majenkir Whimsical Escapade) sired by our young male JCh. MOONGLOW MAZEPPA SOKOLOW (Ch. Majenkir Timeless Arts - Ch. Odaliska du Grand Fresnoy):

2 males: Silver Seraph, Soviet Star
1 female: Snowhite Symphony

in the colours white/silver and white/cream

Pedigree to follow

JCh. Moonglow Mazeppa Sokolow

Ch. Majenkir Mercuria


The puppies at 13 days old



Silver Seraph


Silver Seraph 4,5 weeks old

Silver Seraph 8 weeks old

Silver Seraph 14 weeks old

Seraph 5 months old

Silver Seraph 6,5 months old

More photos of Seraph, see our "Dogs"


Soviet Star

Soviet Star 4,5 weeks old

Soviet Star 8 weeks old

Soviet Star 14 weeks old

Sovi head 6 months

Soviet Star 6 months old


Snowhite Symphony

Snowhite Symphony 4,5 weeks old

Snowhite Symphony 8 weeks old

Snowhite Symphony 14 weeks old



Snowhite Symphony 6,5 months old

Snowhite Symphony 10 months old

Snowhite Symphony 17 months old

Juniorwinner Donaueschingen 2009


P l a y t i m e ! The puppies at 6 weeks old...


Collage by Franco Capun