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When we collected our little Apollo in July 1984 in the former Czekoslovakia we had no idea what a special Borzoi we brought home in our car! From the beginning, Apollo was a very self confident Borzoi who was not afraid of anything, and had a very imposing stature.

During his show career he won 1 x CACIB, 7 x Res-CACIB, 7 x CAC, 7 x Res-CAC and several BOB's and obtained the title of a German Champion.

Apollo always liked shows. He apparently had great fun being in the limelight, being adored and caressed by everyone. Therefore, I also showed him after his 8th birthday five times in the veteran class which he always won with excellent 1 and two times with best Borzoi veteran.

But the greatest pleasure he gave me when he was used as stud and sired the following four litters:

1986: B-litter Perskoje, Breeder: Fam. Zumbühl, Switzerland
1991: F-litter Sofena, Breeder: A. Mudra, Czech Republic 1992: S-litter Sokolow 1994: G-litter Limbachi, Breeder: Karin Balazs, Hungary

Apollo reached the high age of 13½ years and enjoyed life to the fullest until the last day!

Apollo Sofena

German Champion
Sire: Dmitrij von Taimyr
Dam: Battombanga Nijinski
Breeder: Antonin Mudra, Svetice, Czech Republic
3.4.1984 - 9.1997

Apollo Sofena

Apollo, 10 years old

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Djemanka has the most charming and gentle temperament one can imagine in a Borzoi. She is gentle towards people and animals and obeys from her own will. She has passed this special character to some of her offspring.

Bela's Djemanka

Sire: Ch. Boldareff aus dem Zarenreich
Dam: Bela's Belaja
Breeder: Rosemarie Kritzky, D-Calveslage

20.10.1989 - 30.10.2000

more pictures of Djemanka

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