Update: December 25, 2015


Christmas 2015



Prince Charming Sokolow (called Uteshai) wishes everyone a wonderful Christmas time!

Uteshai is owned and loved by Keith and Viktoria Howlett, who created this beautiful Christmas card!



Lovi's puppies have arrived!


On November 28, 2015, Lovi's puppies were born: 4 males and 5 females!

We are very happy about this beautiful litter and look forward to the development of the puppies.



The puppies at the age of one week:





Link to the public photo album on Facebook (new photos will be added regularly):



Album puppy photos (click)



* * *



End of November 2015 we expect a litter out of our very successful female Multi Ch. Pursuit of Love Sokolow!

The sire of the puppies is the wonderful Finnish male Fin. Ch. Betjanova Aleksei Harlamov!







News 2013

At the CAC-show in Sachsenheim in October 2013 we had a double success: Silver Seraph Sokolow becomes best male and his daughter

Pursuit of Love Sokolow wins best female and also Best of Breed - and this in pouring rain! Our judge was Mr. Manfred Langer from Germany!!

Pursuit of Love Sokolow BOB and Silver Seraph Sokolow BOS


At the Club Show of the Swiss Borzoi Club on August 24, 2013 in Lotzwil our sweetie Pursuit of Love Sokolow (callname Lovi) wins from the open class

excellent 1, CAC, Clubwinner 2013 and Best of Breed! She also wins the special prize for best movement!

There was a total entry of 26 Borzois for our judge, Mr. Bernard Barjot from France.

Pursuit of Love Sokolow, 2 1/2 years old: BOB und Clubwinner 2013

On March 27, 2013 our L-litter Sokolow was born out of Ch. Moondance Milovna Sokolow sired by Ch. Silver Seraph Sokolow: 2 males and 3 females!

Lezgin - Lubezny Lebed - Ladoga - Lebediska - Lubeznaja!

Die silver brindle Lebediska stays with us and reminds me a lot to her granddam and great-granddam Odaliska!!

L-litter Sokolow: 3 weeks old


Update December 2012

Some of the highlights of our quite active and successful show year 2012:


On September 5, 2012 we participated at the large German Annual Borzoi Specialty, where more than 120 Borzois were entered for the American judge Mrs. Pat Murphy!

Pobedim Sokolow wins the large junior class males (11 dogs entered) with excellent 1 JCAC and the title of a German Annual Junior Winner 2012!!


Pobedim Sokolow, German Annual Junior Winner 2012

His sire Ch. Silver Seraph Sokolow is shown in champion class males (9 dogs entered) and wins as well: excellent 1, VDH!!

Ch. Silver Seraph Sokolow, excellent 1 in champion class

(Foto: European Borzoi)


One week after the World Dog Show 2012 in Salzburg, we participated at the sighthound show in Bermatingen (Germany) where our successes continued:

Silver Seraph Sokolow wins the champion class, the title of Landessieger Baden-Württemberg '12, becomes Best Borzoi and later in the honour ring he wins Best in Show! Moonlight Meteliza Sokolow wins the champion class females as well as the title Landessiegeinr Baden-Württemberg'12 and the daughter of these two, Pursuit of Love Sokolow, wins the junior class with excellent 1, Landesjugendsieger Baden-Württemberg '12!! What a day!

Seraph wins BIS in Bermatingen under Mr. F. Gerritsen (NL)!


A few weeks later, we went to the large Sighthound Event in Donaueschingen. On Sunday, our Rhapsody in Silver Sokolow wins the open class females, CAC and Best Borzoi under strong competition! Silver Seraph Sokolow wins the champion class males on Sunday, Poraschai Sokolow as well as his sister Platina Sokolow win on both days the title of a Junior Winner and on Saturday the title "Junior Winner Donaueschingen 2012".


Rhapsody in Silver Sokolow, BOB Donaueschingen 2012 (Sunday)


But the icing on the cake we have in the afternoon in the honour ring with our breeders group: with the active support of my friends Sandra Schär, Nadja Koschwitz and Sarah Tridondani we present Seraph, Moonlight, Milovna and Silver and win the first prize in the breeders group competition!!

BIS Breeders Group Donaueschingen 2012 (Sunday): Sokolow Barsois

* * *


And the success continues and the nice shows too:

At the Clubshow of the Swiss Borzoi Club on August 28, 2012, in Lotzwil both Silver Seraph Sokolow as well as Rhapsody in Silver Sokolow win the title of a Club Winner 2012!! Our judge was Andreja Novak (Slovenia). We get beautiful big ribbons.

Silvie wins BOB and in the afternoon in the honour ring she takes the honour in winning Best in Show! She was perfectly handled by her friend Sarah Tridondani.

Silver Seraph Sokolow - Club Winner 2012

Rhapsody in Silver Sokolow - Club Winner 2012 and BOB

Rhapsody in Silver Sokolow - BIS Lotzwil 2012 !

Judge: Mrs. R. Trump-Pruijn


Update June 29, 2012


Our P-litter finally got his own page!

P-litter Sokolow

We added photos of all dogs from this litter, some of them were already successful in the show ring!

Three of them already have the title of a Junior Champion in different countries and two are close to it.

Platina Sokolow was awarded the title of a "World Junior Winner 2012" in Salzburg, she had to compete against 21 females!

Of course, we are very proud of this honour! Many thanks to Sandra Schär for the perfect presentation in the ring and her owner, Helen Isler, for the good care!


World Junior Winner 2012

(Foto: European Borzoi)

The show season 2011 ended very successfully with our breeders group obtaining a first place (all breeds) at the international show in Stuttgart!

At the same show Silver Seraph Sokolow got ex1 CACIB and BOB from a total entry of 23 Borzois!

Rose of Heaven Sokolow owned by Nadja Koschwitz received ex1 CAC Res-CACIB in open class and Moonlight Meteliza Sokolow got ex2 Res-VDH in champion class. She fulfilled so the conditions for the title of a German Champion VDH. Our judge was Mr. V. Vojtek, Slovakia.


International Show Stuttgart 2011: 1. Place Breeder's Group Sokolow! We won a very nice and big cup!

From left to right : Ch. Silver Seraph, Moondance Milovna, Rose of Heaven, Ch. Moonlight Meteliza Sokolow


At the sighthound show in Lotzwil on August 27, 2011 Rhapsody in Silver Sokolow received ex1 CAC in open class. Seraph was again very successful and got ex1 CAC and BOB in champion class! There was a total entry of 20 Borzois and our judge was Mr. Arne Foss, Norway.

We also created a new page with photos of all our dogs from our R-litter! Have a look!


Update July 4, 2011

Recently, we had very nice visitors, so that we could take wonderful new photos of our puppies! Many thanks to Silke Hopf for the beautiful photos

and to Mägi and Elisabeth for their assistance!


The whole photo album can be found under the following link:

P-Wurf 12 Wochen alt

Two males and one female are available to loving homes! Please contact us for more information.


Update June 6, 2011

Our puppies are 10 weeks old today! The sweet males Poraschai, Pobedim and Prince Charming are looking for their perfect home! New photos to follow!


Update May 13, 2011


We have taken new photos of our 6 weeks old puppies!

P litter 6 weeks old

The puppies are very active now and start to explore the garden and the world!

Thank you Leena and Walter for the big help in taking puppy pictures! Sometimes it is not that easy...



Update May 2, 2011

We have uploaded new photos of our puppies at 1 months old!

Some of them are available to the right home!

P litter one month old



Update April 4, 2011

On March 28, 2011 Moonlight's wonderful puppies were born:

8 puppies in the colour grey-white! There are four males and four females. Mother and puppies are doing fine!

P-litter Sokolow (Ch. Silver Seraph Sokolow x Ch. Moonlight Meteliza Sokolow)

6 days old


Show news:

On February 20, 2011 Rhapsody in Silver wins her first CACIB and CAC at the show in Fribourg from the intermediate class!

Seraph receives Res-CACIB, Res-CAC at the same show.

On March 12, 2011 in Offenburg (D) Seraph wins CACIB, VDH, BOB and BOG3

Moondance Milovna wins CACIB, CAC and best female and Rhapsody in Silver wins VDH and Res-CAC in intermediate class!


CACIB Show Offenburg: Ch. Silver Seraph Sokolow CACIB BOB BOG3, Moondance Milovna Sokolow CACIB CAC BOS

Judge: J. Melchior

Already in November 2010, Rose of Heaven Sokolow has moved to her new home in Germany with Nadja and Micha and several Borzois! She felt herself at home at once and already went to her first show where she got excellent! We wish her and her new family all the best and much luck for the future!



Our "Winning Team" in Sachsenheim in October 2010:
Moondance Milovna Sokolow CAC BOB, Silver Seraph Sokolow CAC BOS!

Judge: Mr. M. Langer.



Update December 2, 2010

Nearly at the end of this year, there is a lot to report about - good and bad news!

On July 23, 2010 we had to put to sleep our Liska (Odaliska du Grand Fresnoy) because of a massive lung tumour. She was our special grand old lady and we still miss her a lot. She had reached the high age of nearly 12 years and was respected by all members of the pack until the day of her death. She lives on in her children and grandchildren and has passed many of her wonderful qualities to them. Thank you, Liska, for all you gave us!

Now to the good news: This year three of our dogs completed their titles of a Swiss Champion: Moonlight, Mazeppa and Seraph! Furthermore, Rhapsody in Silver completed her title of a Swiss and German Junior Champion! We are very proud of these accomplishments which confirm us that we are on the right way.

At the show in Kleindöttingen, Moonlight won her last needed CAC. At the same show, Rhapsody in Silver won her last J-CAC for her title. Seraph won CAC, BOB and later BIS - his first BIS so far!

Silver Seraph Sokolow: Best in Show Kleindöttingen, August 2010

Rhapsody in Silver Sokolow: Swiss and German Junior Champion


Update July 8, 2010

Before we forget to report it: On April 17, 2010 Mazeppa won his fourth CAC at the show in Sachsenheim (D) and thus completed his German Champion DWZRV! We are very happy about it. At the same show, Rhapsody in Silver won her second JCAC with JBOB in Germany.

At the CACIB show in St. Gallen on May 8/9, 2010 Seraph wins the open class with CAC on both days, on Saturday with CACIB, on Sunday with Res-CACIB! Mazeppa receives on both days the Res-CAC in champion class. On Saturday, we also showed our breeder's group with Mazeppa, Seraph, Moonlight and Silver in a competition of three groups of all breeds and we took the biggest cup home: 1st place! This is the fourth time in a row that our breeder's group wins a first price!

Since mid May, Mazeppa's and Moonlight's beautiful sister, Moondance Milovna Sokolow, is back with us and feels like a happy Borzoi! On June 12, she came with us to the sighthound show in Rifferswil where she won Best of Breed with CAC of a total of 17 Borzois! Her nephew Seraph was best male with CAC! This was indeed a very successful show day which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Silver Seraph Sokolow CAC and BOS, Moondance Milovna CAC und BOB

with the judge Eli Klepp from Norway


A lovely brace: Milovna und Seraph, photo taken in Rifferswil

Update May 21, 2010

On May 12, 2010 our Seraph has become a proud father for the first time! In the kennel Scharkow's in Germany, the lovely female Ch. Scharkow's Akascha gave birth to 5 males and 2 females. All the puppies are big and strong and of course in our favourite colour white/grey! One male is available, all the others are reserved.

Scharkow's C-litter just 1 week old

Update March 28, 2010

Today, the dogs from our R-litter are celebrating their first birthday!

We send them all our greetings and wish them all the best!

Here is a photo of their proud mom Moonlight taken at the show in Offenburg two weeks ago:

Moonlight Meteliza Sokolow, 3 1/2 years old

More show news: At the international show in Munich on March 7, 2010, Moonlight won excellent 1, CACIB and CAC. She only needs one single more CACIB in a third country to complete her title of an international champion.

At the show weekend in Fribourg on February 27/28, 2010, Silver Seraph won the intermediate class on both days with excellent 1 and CAC, on Saturday also with Res-CACIB. At the show in Offenburg on March 13, 2010, he won the intermediate class with excellent 1, CACIB, CAC and Best of Breed of a total of 21  Borzois! At the same show, Mazeppa got excellent 1, Res-CACIB, Res-CAC in open class (behind his son).

Our youngest Silver (Rhapsody in Silver Sokolow) had her debut in the junior class in Fribourg, where she won on both days with excellent 1, JCAC and JBOB. In Offenburg she had the same excellent result!

Rhapsody in Silver Sokolow, JCAC, JBOB in Fribourg and Offenburg

In Fribourg and in Offenburg we showed our breeders group with the four grey/white ones and at both shows they won BIS 1 Breeders Group - we are very proud!

Breeders Group Sokolow: BIS 1 in Offenburg and in Fribourg 2010

Update March 22, 2010

Looking for a new home!

We are looking for a new home for our nearly one year old female Rose of Heaven (callname Heaven). Heaven is white with goldsable markings, middle sized, with a very beautiful anatomy. She is suitable as family and companion dog and has show quality, and is very fast. She looks very similar to her sire Ch. Phaedra Camus. Who would like to offer her a permanent and loving home? Please contact us for more information.

Rose of Heaven Sokolow (10 months old on the photo)



Update January 13, 2010

Already on December 19, 2009 our sweet Razluka has moved to his new home near Winterthur. In the meantime he has settled in very well and has captured his new owner Helen with his charm;-) We wish him and his new owner all the best for the future!

At the CACIB-showin Friedrichshafen on November 14/15, 2009, Mazeppa has fulfilled all the requirements for the title of a German Champion VDH! In Friedrichshafen we could also take a few nice group photos of our grey/white ones which we could use as christmas card in front of a lovely wood!


from left to right: Rhapsody in Silver - Moonlight Meteliza - Silver Seraph - Moonglow Mazeppa

Update November 27, 2009

Looking for a new home!

We are now starting to look for a new home for our sweet male Royal Razluka Sokolow (8 months old)! After suffering from an injury in his right pasture which he had got at 8 weeks old, it is now completely healed and Razluka walks normal on all four legs. Therefore, it is time for him to have his own family, preferably with Borzoi- or sighthound company. Razluka is white with silver-cream markings, he is a medium sized, strong male with a very beautiful head and black eyes.

Razluka can do more than sleeping on the sofa ... He has passed the puppy course and the course for young dogs with good success. Who would like to offer him a wonderful Borzoi life?


Update October 7, 2009

The sweet Rasnaja sends greetings from her vacation in Ticino... Many thanks to Suzanne and Ernst for the beautiful photos!

Rose of May Sokolow (called Rasnaja) 6 months old (Photo: Ernst Bach)

soaking wet after a bath in the river

In the meantime, her littersister Russian Pearl Sokolow in Belgium attended her first show. At the Club Show in Graty end of September she got very promising 1 and best baby! Congratulationss to Eddy and Bianca!

Russian Pearl Sokolow (called Iazora) 5 months old


Update August 17, 2009

On August 1 and 2, 2009 we attended the big sighthound specialty in Donaueschingen and our results are more than good... Seraph wins on both days the junior class with excellent 1, JCAC, JBOB and finishes this way his title of a "German Junior Champion". On Saturday, we also showed Seraph's white littersister Snowhite Symphony (callname Nastassja) who doubled up the result of her brother and also got excellent 1, JCAC whic made her owner Conny more than proud! Here is the official winning photo:

Snowhite Symphony Sokolow and Silver Seraph Sokolow: Jugendwinner Donaueschingen 2009

Photo Copyright Angelika Heydrich (DWZRV)

The judge on Saturday was Mrs. B. Novak from Slovenia and on Sunday Mr. Hans Müller from Switzerland (he is the present FCI president).

We were very happy that on Sunday our Moonglow Mazeppa won the open class males with excellent 1 and CAC and his beautiful littersister Moondance Milovna got excellent 3 in open class females!

A few days later, Seraph's and Snowhite's granddam, our Odaliska du Grand Fresnoy could celebrate her 11th birthday in good health! Happy Birthday Liska!

* * *

Last weekend, we passed a wonderful afternoon and evening at the home of Suzanne and Ernst, the owners of our sweet Rose of May Sokolow (called Rasnaja). As they own a very large fenced in property, the puppies had lots of fun all together. Nearly the whole Sokolow R-litter was present. There were 11 Borzois, plus Whippet Jendayi und Lucy. Here comes one of the lovely photos taken at this occasion:

R-litter Sokolow at the puppy meeting at Suzanne and Ernst's home, August 2009

* * *

We regularly receive many lovely photos of the owners of Russian Pearl Sokolow, Bianca und Eddy, which show what a wonderful life Iazora (this is her new name) in Belgium now has. This is a very cute portrait of her which also shows her beautiful black eyes and her lovely expression:

Russian Pearl Sokolow, 4 months old

Update July 17, 2009

Today, our M-litter can already celebrate its 3rd birthday! Happy birthday to Mazeppa, Moonlight and Milovna. Here is a lovely study of Mazeppa, who looks very similar to his dam Odaliska:

Moonglow Mazeppa Sokolow, 3 years old

(Photo: Barbara Wickli)

Last Saturday, another puppy has moved to her new home: Rose of Heaven is now living at the beautiful lake of Zürich and does not only have a new mistress, which cares very well for her, but also two Shelties as new company. We wish her owner Erika, who has become a new Borzoi fan, all the best and much luck with the sweet Heaven!

Here is Rose of Heaven at the coffee table, still at home with us!

Update July 2, 2009

Recently, two more puppies have moved to their new homes: Run for Roses (called Dawn) is now living with Conny and Nastassja (= Snowhite Symphony out of our last litter) and her other animals not far away from us.

Here is a portrait of Run for Roses at the age of 11 weeks, photo taken by Barbara Wickli.


Last weekend, also Rose of May (called Rasnaja) has moved into her new home with Suzanne in the Zürich Oberland and is not doing silly things together with her new friend Pljushka and her big aunt Zarina.

Rose of May (genannt Rasnaja) here shown still at our home, photo taken by Barbara Wickli.

We wish our two young Borzoi ladies only the best for the future and their new owners much happiness with their new companions!

* * * * * *

Also our two boys Silver Seraph Sokolow and Moonglow Mazeppa Sokolow were quite busy: At the sighthound show in Rifferswil on June 6, 2009, Seraph won the junior class with excellent 1, CAC, JBOB under Mr. Erdös from Hungary and now fulfills all conditions for the title of a Swiss Junior Champion! Later on, in the honour ring, Seraph wins Junior BIS! Mazeppa won the open class males with excellent 1, CAC, and later becomes best male and finally best Borzoi (BOB)! Wow, we are of course very proud of our two boys!

Silver Seraph Sokolow, Junior-BIS on 6.6.2009 in Rifferswil under Mr. L. Erdös

Decision in the ring for best male: Mazeppa wins!

Photos of Rifferswil by Rolf Pfenninger

Update June 17, 2009

On June 6, 2009 Russian Pearl has moved to her new home in Belgium! Many thanks to Eddy and Bianca that you offer Iazora (that is her new name) such a loving home! Iazora has now many new fourlegged friends: three Borzoi females, a cat and lots of "show chicken"!

Iazora with her new owner Eddy on the day she left for her new home!

Iazora in her new home in Belgium!

Update June 3, 2009

On May 23, 2009 we attended the Club Show in Rifferswil, where the Russian breed specialist Susanna Tumanyan was invited as judge. We had some nice success and a beautiful and hot day as a whole: Seraph got excellent 1 and JCAC in junior class and our "grand old lady" Liska, Odaliska du Grand Fresnoy, got - the first time shown in veteran class - at 11 years of age excellent 1, Vet-CAC and best veteran! Furthermore, Liska got the special prize of the judge for the best bones. Our Mercuria got the special prize of the judge for the best eyes - no wonder, she has wonderful black and large eyes which is hardly found today!


Silver Seraph Sokolow, 14 months old in Rifferswil, excellent 1, JCAC

Ch. Odaliska du Grand Fresnoy, nearly 11 years old, excellent 1, VCAC, Vet-BOB


Many thanks to Barbara Wickli for the beautiful photos!

Update May 11, 2009

Yesterday, Kati visited us and we tried to take a few photos of the puppies standing. A few nice photos resulted and the puppies found it quite funny... Many thanks to Kati for the beautiful photos!




Photos of the puppies at 6 weeks old


Update 6. Mai 2009

We have received many new photos of the puppies taken May 1, 2009, when we had visitors from Belgium. Many thanks to Bianca and Eddy, who have chosen Russian Pearl Sokolow, for the beautiful pictures!

Mmmh having lunch outside, that's fun...

More photos of the puppies at 5 weeks old


Update April 28, 2009

Last Sunday, the sun was shining and the puppies had their first walk outside! They are now 4 weeks old and developing their own personalities!

All the puppies together! More photos of this first walk outside will follow.


Update April 15, 2009

The puppies of the R-litter have now their own page with new photos at the age of 2 weeks! Many thanks to Jadis Walden for the wonderful photos!

R-litter Sokolow

The puppies at the age of 2 weeks: now the different colours are well visible.

Foto: Copyright Jadis Walden

Update April 8, 2009

On March 28, 2009, our litter out of Moonlight Meteliza Sokolow sired by Phaedra Camus was born! One male and five females in white, white-silver and silver-white in different shades. The puppies and their dam are doing fine and and the puppies are growing fast.


R-litter Sokolow at 10 days old:

in the middle at right the male (with the spot between the eyes), the others are all females!


Update March 20, 2009

On March 14, 2009, Seraph wins his second Junior-BOB this year at the CACIB-show in Offenburg (Germany) under the sighthound specialist, Mr. V. Vojtek (SK). At the same show, Mercuria wins CACIB, VDH and best female! She is now also German Champion VDH! We are very proud of these lovely wins!

Silver Seraph Sokolow, 12 months, in Offenburg


Also, the countdown for the birth of Moonlight's puppies is starting slowly. We are awaiting 6 puppies next weekend....

Update February 19th, 2009

On the weekend of January 25/26, 2009, we were in Slovakia to mate Moonlight to Phaedra Camus. Camus is a gorgeous male who not only impresses by his exterior and his pedigree, but also through his quiet, gentle and well balanced manner. Since today we know that this "love marriage" is carrying fruits and Moonlight will have puppies end of March. We are looking forward to it!

For more information see under Future!

Update January 15th, 2009

On January 10/11th, 2009 we attended the dog show in Innsbruck (Austria). It was a very pleasant show weekend with a wonderful success for Mercuria who is back in coat now. On Saturday she wins the champion class with excellent 1, CAC and best bitch. On Sunday she wins again excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and best bitch. With this CACIB she fulfills all the conditions for the title international champion. Well done, Mercuria! We are very happy about it!

Ch. Majenkir Mercuria: Nobody can resist Mercuria's soulful eyes....;-)!!



Update 15. Oktober 2008

We have published new photos of Seraph as well as his littermates on their site (SS-litter).

Silver Seraph 6,5 months old


There is also an update under "Future" informing about our breeding plans!


Our Mazeppa had a very successful show weekend on September 13/14, 2008. On Saturday he won excellent 1, CAC under Mr. Langer in Kleindöttingen (CH) and on Sunday he set about this once more and won excellent 1, CAC, best male and Landessieger Baden-Württemberg 2008 in Lorch (D) under Mrs. B. Novak from Slovenia!

Moonglow Mazeppa Sokolow at the age of 2 years


Update October 1, 2008

We have published new photos of Noblesse on her site. Since January 2008, Noblesse is living with good friends who live near to us and enjoys her Borzoi paradise there!  The photos of her will remain on our website.

Noblesse in the "Borzoi-Paradise"....

Photos under Noblesse Sofena

Update August 19, 2008

On August 7, 2008, our Liska has celebrated her 10th birthday! Our "grand old lady" is in perfect health and still loves to do silly things with her children and grandchildren.

Odaliska du Grand Fresnoy on her 10th birthday! She still does not like being photographed, as she fears the flashlight...


We are very happy that after a long time we got new photos of Milovna who is living in the North of Germany. The photos can be found on the page of Moondance Milovna

--> M-litter!

Milovna, 2 years old

Update July 21, 2008

We have added new photos of the puppies at the age of 14 weeks on the page of the SS-litter. All puppies are now in their new homes - and Seraph will stay with us!

Update July 17, 2008


Today our M-litter is celebrating its 2nd birthday!

Happy Birthday Mazeppa, Moonlight und Milovna!!


On July 10, 2008, Soviet Star has moved to his new owners. Sovi is now a real "Bernese" and is love spoiled at his new home. We wish him all the best for the future!

Update 17. Juli 2008

Sovi with his new owners Franco and Monika before he left!

Sovi too has already his own website, which can be found unter this Link.

Update June 30, 2008

On June 13, 2008, Snowhite Symphony moved to her new home. She is now called "Nastassja" and is living together with three cats and two rabbits as well as her two-legged human friends. We wish her all the best for the future!

Nastassja with her new owner Conny on the day she moved away.

Here is the Link to Nastassja's own website.

Update June 11, 2008

On May 31, 2008 we attended the German Annual Borzoi Specialty in Hünstetten with Mazeppa and Moonlight. For the wellknown breeder/judge Dr. Jim Sillers from the US there was the impressive number of 117 Borzois entered! It was a beautiful and interesting show day which was crowned by Moonlight's wonderful win in the intermediate class with excellent 1 and VDH!

Moonlight Meteliza Sokolow winning excellent 1 VDH in intermediate class

Photo: European Borzoi

Update May 22nd, 2008

At the international dog show in St. Gallen on May 17/18, 2008, Moonlight wins on Saturday CAC and Res-CACIB. On Sunday she wins CACIB CAC and BOB!

Moonlight Meteliza Sokolow, nearly 2 years old

New photos of the puppies at 8 weeks old --> see SS-litter. Many thanks to Margrith Krähenbühl for these beautiful photos!

Mercuria with Seraph and Sovi

Update May 8, 2008

- new photos under litters - SS-litter

Update April 21, 2008

- The new page with the puppies born on March 18, 2008 is now online!

- New photos of Moonlight (see "Our dogs")! Many thanks to Corinne Trümpler!

- Update "Future"

Happy Birthday Krasnaja!

On April 25, 2008, Krasnaja Sokolow can celebrate her 14th birthday! We congratulate to this high birthday and thank Romy Stadelmann for the wonderful and loving care!

Krasnaja Sokolow, 14 years old

Foto: Birgit Herrmann

Litter born March 18, 2008

Mercuria's puppies were born on March 18, 2008: Two males and one female. Mercuria is a perfect mum who cares very well for her puppies. Sire of the litter is our homebred young silver-white male JCh. Moonglow Mazeppa Sokolow. More photos to follow.



S-litter Sokolow: At left the two males Silver Seraph and Soviet Star, at right the female Snowhite Symphony.

Link to the litter.



- New photos under section "Our dogs""

- The M-litter now has its own page (see litters)!

- Update "Future"

Update M-litter December 2006

Moonglow Mazeppa, 5 months


Moondance Milovna, 5 months


Moonlight Meteliza, 5 months







Mercuria wins her second BOB!


On September 23, 2006, MAJENKIR MERCURIA wins excellent 1, CAC and BOB from the

intermediate class at the sighthound show in Kleindöttingen under judge Mr. H. Zuber (CH)!


Update Puppies!


Moonglow Mazeppa, 9 weeks


Moondance Milovna, 9 weeks

Moonlight Meteliza, 9 weeks


Milovna has left for her new home in Wiesbaden (Germany) end of September.

We wish her good luck and her new owners a lot of joy with this lovely girl!






Update Puppies!

This week we finally had some sun, so that we could take pictures of the puppies outside! The puppies reign over a big part of the garden and especially like the pond with its reed!


Moonglow Mazeppa: Mazeppa is our big "charmer"! He greets all visitors with his charm and nobody can withstand to his soulful expression. He fascinates through his attractive silver colour and his beautiful anatomy.






Moondance Milovna: Milovna is the bigger of the two females, she has a calm and self-confident manner. She also fascinates through her beautiful grey colour and her perfect anatomy with correct format.










Moonlight Meteliza: Moonlight was the first born. She is the most daring of all and somewhat smaller and finer in type than the others, white with silvergrey markings. She will stay with us!



Moonglow Mazeppa, 6 weeks

Moondance Milovna, 6 weeks

Moonlight Meteliza, 6 weeks


Update Puppies

A new photo of our puppies at 3 weeks old! As soon as the weather is better, we shall take some photos outside.


M-Wurf Sokolow, 3 Wochen alt







On July 17, 2006, Odaliska has whelped 3 puppies (1 male, 2 females), all white and silver! Liska is a wonderful mom and the puppies are growing very fast. We are extremely happy about this long planned litter!


From left to right:

Moonlight Meteliza - Moonglow Mazeppa - Moondance Milovna




M-litter Sokolow, 11 days old



Mating news

On May 14 and 15, 2006, the wonderful white male imported from USA, Majenkir Timeless Arts (Ch. Majenkir My Castiron of Avalyn - Majenkir Gemma Agridor) has mated our Odaliska du Grand Fresnoy. «Ben» is a really lovely and beautiful male which belongs to Cristina Epifani, Italy (Stepnykh Almazov Borzois) since February 2004. His breeder is Karen Staudt-Cartabona, USA.

Thank you Cristina for letting us use your lovely Ben!











Majenkir Timeless Arts

Ch. Odaliska du Grand Fresnoy

More show news in spring 2006

At the show in Rifferswil on April 22nd, 2006, Majenkir Mercuria wins her third Junior CC and Junior-BOB and later gets her diploma for the title "Swiss Junior Champion"!

At the international dog show in St. Gallen on May 21st, 2006 Majenkir Mercuria wins BEST OF BREED and later BOG2 under Mr. R. Dawson (Phil)! And this at only 13 1/2 months old and despite of typical "Mercuria caprioles" in the ring! We are of course very proud of our white mouse.




Mercuria winning BOB in St. Gallen!


Shows in Spring 2006

Majenkir Mercuria gave her show debut in youth class on February 11th/12th, 2006 at the international show in Fribourg (CH). She won her class on both days with excellent 1, Junior CC and later was Junior-BOB.

On March 11th, 2006 we showed her at the international show in Offenburg (D) under Mrs. Thomassen (S), where she again won excellent 1 and Junior-BOB. In Offenburg we also showed Margrith Ammann's Ch. Majenkir MW Ksar My Dream (Mitja), who got Res-CAC in open class.

The next show was on April 8th, 2006 in Colmar (F). Mercuria got again excellent 1 and Junior-BOB. Mitja got excellent 2, Res-CACIB in champion class, but will get the CACIB.



















Majenkir Mercuria, 12 months

Ch.  Majenkir MW Ksar My Dream



On September 26, 2005, we collected our new white female, Majenkir Mercuria, in New Jersey (USA) at the kennel of Karen Staudt-Cartabona. Mercuria is born on April 11, 2005 out of Ch. Majenkir Whimsical Escapade by Ch. Majenkir Nearctic and is linebred on famous top-producers as Ch. Majenkir Gyrfalcon, Ch. Majenkir Tsuperlative, etc. Many thanks to Karen Staudt-Cartabona who entrusted us with this promising female. The photo shows Mercuria together with her famous grandsire Ch. Majenkir Impressive and with her breeder, still at home in Swartswood, before she left for Switzerland.


April 2004

Odaliska receives the confirmation of her title «International Champion» and her diploma!

We finally are planning a litter with Odaliska for summer/autumn 2004 and found a wonderful stud dog for her!

   Odaliska du Grand Fresnoy

26th February 2004

After a silly accident, we had to put to sleep our lovely Golub only a month after his 10th birthday. We are missing him, and especially his big friend Kumir ...

   Odaliska du Grand Fresnoy

Odaliska gained her crown!

On September 7, 2002 Liska won her last needed CAC for the title «Swiss Champion» at the show in Lotzwil. The judge was Mrs. Marie-Christine Delabelle from Belgium. At the same show, we showed our young Noblesse Sofena for the second time in youth class and she won this class with excellent 1.

To gain the title of an «International Champion», Liska only needed one more CACIB in a third country. This was the reason why we decided to show her on November 3, 2002 at the international show in Genova (Italy). Would we be successful at the first attempt...?

As judge we had Mrs. Patricia Anne Smith from Australia and to my great delight she liked Liska so much that she gave her the CACIB in the champion class. Now, she also had the title of an international champion. The journey was really worth it and I was so proud of her.


Odaliska's great success

On the weekend of April 20/21, 2002, we were at the show in Wieselburg (Austria). It was a long journey, but it was worth it! Mrs. Piesik from Germany was judging the total of 16 Borzois and Liska won: excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and finally BOG 2 under Mr. Andras Korozs from Hungary.

What a day and what a big party we had afterwards!

   Odaliska du Grand Fresnoy


In November 2001 Golub's very charming, white/black daughter NOBLESSE SOFENA, born August 4, 2001, has joined us. She is developing into a very prosiming youngster and everybody is entranced by her charm and cleverness. She excels through her most beautiful long and narrow head.

   Noblesse Sofena

Odaliska and Milaya

On Februar 10th, 2002, we attended again another dog show. In Basel we had Mrs. M. Brivio Chellini from Italy as judge for the Borzois. Odaliska won CACIB/CAC and is now waiting for her final CAC to complete her Swiss Champion title.

   Odaliska du Grand Fresnoy


On October 20/21 2001 we attended the CACIB show in Lausanne and returned home with CACIB/CAC from Saturday and Res-CACIB/Res-CAC from Sunday for Odaliska!! Not bad for a single weekend!! The photo shows Odaliska on Saturday together with the BOB male Metel d'Al Kerby, who won BIS (all breeds) on Sunday. Many thanks to Mrs. Birgit Wamberg (Fairway Whippets, Denmark) who liked my Liska so much.

   Odaliska du Grand Fresnoy

Kumir Kornel Sofena

Kumir's lovely son, the self-golden Kumir Kornel Sofena, a litter brother of Karow, has been missing for nearly a year and to my great pleasure has «appeared» again with a new owner, Mrs. Lanzerova. The photo shows him at his first show in Brno in summer 2001.

   Kumir Kornel Sofena


On September 22nd, 2001, Odaliska wins excellent 1, CAC and Club Winner at the Club Show of the Swiss Borzoi Club under judge Mr. Harry Zuber. We are really very proud of our grey mouse!

   Odaliska du Grand Fresnoy

Golub's puppies

Golub's puppies in the Sofena kennel are developing beautifully. Here is a newer photo of the puppies at the age of about 4 weeks. Their names are: Nick, Nicholas, Negro, Nestor, Nikita, Noblesse and Nora.

   Golub's puppies

Golub's puppies

Karow Sofena

We are pleased to introduce to you Kumir's wonderful, all black son:

Karow Sofena, born May 28, 1999
(Ch. Kumir Sokolow - Ch. Bavora z Lojzova hrebcina)
Breeder: A. Mudra, Czech Republic
Owner: Frank Thurnheer, CH-Niederwil

Karow will start his show career in 2002 in the open class.

   Karow Sofena


On August 25, 2001, Odaliska wins excellent 1, CAC and BOB in Riferswil under Mrs. Schwerm-Hahne!


Golub becomes a sire!

On 4.8.01 seven puppies were born in the Sofena Kennel. All puppies are black and white like their sire.

Sofena's N-litter

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